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Redbacks Cushioning technology represents a major development for the seating industry, including automotive, rail and aviation, offering the first credible alternative to the traditional polyester fibre wadding, polyurethane foam, metal springs and gels used by today’s manufacturers.


Offering significantly improved user comfort over long periods of use, the product is made from a thin but soft and comfortable Thermoplastic Elastomer with carefully positioned and individually tuned flexible, rubbery leaf-springs. This means the user is lightly, yet supportively cushioned and suspended above hard surfaces, without the need for endless layers of cushioning.

For the user this means that pressure points and sheer forces, which contribute to pain, fatigue and soft tissue damage, are significantly reduced allowing the occupant to remain seated in comfort for a greater length of time.


The high vibration dampening qualities increase comfort without inducing bouncing, and reduce the risk of potential injury during rough cross-country movement.


The open structure of the cushion pad is breathable, non-absorbent, free draining and quickly heated or chilled. It can be made antimicrobial, flame resistant or fire retardant if required.


The significant benefits of the technology include:

  • 100% product recovery, meaning no loss of shape or function with repetitive use

  • High thermal dampening of the open honeycomb matrix allows air to freely flow within the seat

  • Can withstand and maintain flexibility at high and low temperatures

  • High vibration dampening of the structure reduces user fatigue, motor noise, impact shock and motion sickness

  • Antimicrobial properties make the seat cleaner and more hygienic for its entire lifetime.

  • Metal free cushioning mitigates potential for anti-static build up and metal penetration

  • Can incorporate a range of halogen-free flame retardant thermoplastic elastomers to resist ignition and burning


Contact us to find out more about the compelling benefits our seating technology can bring to your application.

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