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We’re naturally passionate about the benefits of our award-winning knee pad technology, but don’t just take our word for it. We regularly receive highly positive feedback from customers using the products for  a variety of applications. Check out some of our testimonials below:

5 out of 5 Stars Worthy of a true review 1st April 2016


I rarely leave reviews for the things I purchase since I buy a lot online and don't have time but decided to do it for this product since many people might find themselves on the fence about this product because of its higher price point in comparison to other pads. I have used Blaklader for a while I have their knee pads that go in my work pants.... When I found this product and company I decided to give them a try. Just yesterday I spent about 6-7 hours kneeling laying tiles first I used the Blaklader and they were comfortable and did the job as always but I am a heavier build (230lbs 6ft) and I could feel the floor on my knees after about 2 hours, that's when I usually take a break and let my knees rest a bit but yesterday I switched to these pads instead.... The final result was that I was able to work for 4+ more hours without stopping, these pads are different and could withstand my heavy build and still provide that support and protection so I wouldn't feel the floor on my knees, I am extremely happy with my purchase and will be purchasing their strap knee pads as well, this company will be the only one I choose from now on for my knee protection I guess if I could give pros and cons they would be:

Pros; soft gel like feeling on your knees.
Handles heavier built guys
Easy comfortable fit in my Blaklader pants (even more so then the Blaklader pads)
They are built tough!

They are a bit heavier then normal
Knee pads. ( and that really is the only con)

I didn't put price as a con because paying the amount they are worth for more comfort during my jobs and coming home feeling much better is as relief! Yes you can buy 3 Blaklader pads with how much these are worth but honestly.... These would hold up longer then those blakladers..... So if you are on the fence, seriously try them and you won't regret it!

5 out of 5 Stars Brilliant best pads I've ever used. 23 July 2016

Amazon Customer

Brilliant best pads I've ever used . Still going strong after 18 month . Well worth the money

5 out of 5 Stars Best knee pads ever 11th June 2016

R. A. Southall

These are without doubt the best knee pads I've had, I had to trim to suit my trousers ( mascot), but once fitted they don't move. They are slightly bulkier than some but they do what they're supposed to and that is protect your knees. If and when they wear out will definitely replace with same

5 out of 5 Stars apart from being abit heavier than the cheap and useless foam pads 27th March 2016

Info Filter

if you value your health, buy these, apart from being abit heavier than the cheap and useless foam pads, these pads are better than other types, as they offer the best protection, last along time, therefore a few more quid is worth it, as they last for years and years, without loss of performance, if your lazy, you dont have to take em out, when you finally put em through the wash, rarely done, but the girlfriend is complaining........ lol

5 out of 5 Stars 5 star 8th May 2016

kevin a jones

Best knee pads out there by far

5 out of 5 Stars Five Stars 10th April 2016

Craig Davidson

best insert knee pads I've ever used. Highly recommend

5 out of 5 Stars Got them at the home build show 14th September 2015


"As a plumber/gas fitter I spend I lot of time on my knees, I've tried every type of Knee protection about and these are by far the best! Dickies lasted a few months before getting flat spots, Snickers floor layers lasted 6-8 months before leaking their innards, these are still going strong after a few YEARS!!"

5 out of 5 Stars Best and last knee pads you will ever need 24th August 2015

Andrew Blair

"These are by far the best knee pads I have ever had. Having to work on my knees for long periods of time every day you need a good comfortable pair of knee pads. These are heavier than the foam or gels pads but they last far longer and are cooler and more comfortable, the foam pads would only last me a month or so and the gel ones about 2 months. These Redbacks have lasted over a year now and are still going strong, I highly recommend these knee pads to anyone who spends a lot of time kneeling especially on uneven surfaces"

5 out of 5 stars Get these to preserve your knees forever 20th May 2015

Freddie Brooks

"Just spent 5 months using these pads . They still feel as good as new and have been kept in the pockets during washing without damaging in anyway .

They are incredibly comfortable and best cushioning for my knees in over 20 years ."

5.0 out of 5 stars Redbacks, 18th Mar 2013

DJ (England) says

“I echo other reviews, in that these are great. These kneepads are the best I have ever tried. I find not having any hard cap to a kneepad of great benefit upon roughened ground or tiled floors. Of note, I believe these kneepads are available in either 20mm or 35mm depth (as per other websites) but the 35mm are harder to source. I cannot comment on durability yet, but assume these will last a fair while for trades persons? The cushioning effect seems so much better than memory foam, and my knees breathe a sigh of relief now when I stand up after resting on these excellent honeycomb structures for any length of time. Previous pads do not compare. Ought to have bought this product much sooner for my knees. Whilst I await newer product lines from Redbacks, these are highly recommended for DIY/household/gardening tasks.”

5.0 out of 5 stars Brilliant, 17th Mar 2013

Djv says

“I've had these a couple of months now. Can I fault them? No! they are really good. Best knee pad I have had by a long way! Last week was knocking a chimney points I was on my knees for at least 10 minute periods while kneeling on brick rubble! However it did not phase them nor me! Would defiantly buy again, when or should I say if ,these ever wear out!” 

5.0 out of 5 stars Suspension for your knees! 13th Mar 2013

Lysander "bluetyphoon" (UK) says

“My knees have been increasingly giving me gyp over the last few years, and after fitting several radiators a few weeks ago they were in absolute agony; I was walking around like Douglas Bader. "Must replace my knee pads, methinks!". The old ones weren't even a couple of years old, and although a decent brand, the foam's 'memory' was obviously knackered, as always happens. Looking for replacements, I come across these whilst Googling and although they're a little pricey compared with foam, I thought "Yeah, why not: because you're worth it!" What a revelation! Quality is very good, though they look odd to say the least, a bit like those rubber-web doormats you can get, and they're about twice as heavy as foam, but boy do they work! Even with the best foam pads, your knees can only take a few hours of abuse, but with these babies I can kneel all day in comfort, as they spread weight well and it doesn't feel like there are any pressure points. The other great thing is that unlike foam, you can leave them in your work trousers when you sling them in the washer, and the geodesic rubber construction means they let air through and the material dries quickly (for the same reason, this feature is also a boon when you've knelt in water whilst working). The manufacturer claims they will last for many, many, years without loss of efficiency, so they'll pay for themselves in the long run.

You're only given one pair of knees, so spoil 'em! Get a pair!”

5.0 out of 5 stars Best kneepads you will ever buy, 28th Nov 2012

M. PRIMMER (S.E. England), says

“I bought these in June and my knees have breathed fluffy butterfly sonnets ever since! Seriously, don't think about the price compared to foam and gell pads, buy these and buy them once. They are unbelievably comfortable, durable, and protective with regard to flints and other awkward objects that can get underneath you during a days work. I am a fencer and have used these for about 6 months without issue. They are a good tight fit in my Dickies work trouser knee pockets (210, Grafter and Eisenhower), so don't slip or move about and are always under the knee when getting on the ground - no need to pull your trouser leg about to get them right. Try them.”

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