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Redbacks® was formed in 2011 in order to develop our cushioning invention for which we now hold a number of international patents.


The technology is unique in that the patent is for the geometric structure and not the material; we are free to use any material that we deem appropriate to the product application.


The structure contains a flexible leaf spring, or springs, held within a geometric matrix, which provides support by suspension and not by compression. It is therefore unlike foam and offers numerous benefits that foam cannot.


Having researched the protective clothing market, we confirmed our belief that existing knee pads

did nothing to cushion, comfort or protect the user’s knees from long term damage; in the UK the NHS replaces over 90,000 knees per year. This figure exeeds 600,000 in the USA at an average cost of $45,000 per operation. We knew that for our knee pads to be really effective they needed to be made of soft flexible material and not foam, as pressure from kneeling causes foam to flatten or disintegrate.


This spurred us on to adopt a scientific approach in order to develop our first bespoke knee pad for workers who rely on long-term comfort and protection to their knees whilst working.


In September 2011 we secured a worldwide patent for the product and have since begun turning our attentions to other exciting applications for the technology, including footwear and seating.

Our Mission

Redbacks Cushioning is about helping people to work safer, more comfortably and for longer, whatever their working or leisure environment. Our mission is to continue to develop class-leading products that promote good health, comfort and wellbeing by reducing pressure on the human anatomy. We only use the highest quality, recyclable materials in our products, to maximise longevity and durability for users, whilst reducing our impact on the planet.

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